Basic Negative Space Mani!

February 01, 2015 1 min read


This is a pretty simple mani by The Nail Guide



Products used:

Squid Ink Nail Bottle

Chuffed Nail Bottle

Dust to Dust Nail bottle 

Top Coat Nail bottle

Striping Tape


Tweedledee Nail Bottle Instructions:

Start off with a clean nail,

Apply any base coat of your choice.

Cut and apply three pieces of striping tape to your nail (two vertical, one horizontal) + can be purchased from most nail supply stores .

Apply two coats of one color per box when doing this, go slow to make sure no paint goes over the edge of the tape or this will mess up the design :-).


After the colors have been painted, remove the striping tape while the paint is still wet. Apply a clear top coat of your choice, I used a clear polish from Laqa & Co. The colors used were chuffed, squid ink, tweedledee, and dust to dust.